Automotive Locks and services

What if you lock your keys inside your car?  Call us.  We can come out to you and unlock that car.  We also have the ability to jump start your vehicle is the battery is dead.
We can make duplicates of your key whether you just need a key to open the door or one that will start the engine.  We have worked on many cars from model t's where they needed the ignition rebuilt to 1960's cadillac's. We can open almost any car whether it has a key hole on the door or not.  We also have the ability to make new keys for your vehicle if you lose all the keys.  If you just need a duplicate keys that has a transponder in the key we can do that to.  We also have a variety of key fobs and batteries.  If you have lost that fob we can make a new one that will work your car.
For many of the newer cars we just need the VIN and proof of ownership such as your registration for us to make new keys to protect the registered owner so no one steals your car..
If your ignition is sticking we can repair or replace that ignition.  
In many cases it is the fact the key is just worn out.  If you have an extra key that isn't used we can make a new key for you or if necessary we can fit a key