Lock outs

  1. I locked myself out of my car, can you unlock me?

    Yes we can just give us a call at 515-270-1119 and we will get someone started your way. We willl need proof of ownership when we arrive such as your car registration.

  2. I locked myself out of my house can you get me into it?

    yes we can. Just give us a call and we can get you into your house. We will need proof that you live there. Drivers license or something with your name and address on such as a monthly bill

  3. I lost the keys to my car. Can you get me new keys.

    Depending on the vehicle we probably can. Just give us a call and let us know what the year, make and model is and we can let you know what we can do for you.

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lock sets

  1. I just purchased a house do I have to change all the knobs to have new keys?

    No you don't have to changed the knobs themselves,  We can come out to you and rekey the existing locks and give you new keys.  In most cases we can set it up so you have one key that unlocks all the doors instead of one for each door.  Call us and we can give you a quote over the phone on the cost.

  2. I broke the key off in my lock do I have to buy a new lock?

    No in most cases we will be able to extract the broken piece out.  If you can take the lock off we can do this job in the shop while you wait otherwise we can come to you.

  3. I want new locks for my house do you keep locks in your store or do you have to order them?

    We keep a  large variety in the store but we also can get many other styles.  We have a large display in the store so you can see what the locks actually look like if you need to order one.

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automotive locks

  1. I lost the keys to my car can you make new keys for it?

    Yes we can make most models of car keys but call us and we can give you a definate answer and a price quote.

  2. Do you have key fobs for my car?

    We have a large variety of key fobs. Please call for a price quote and to make sure we have your model of fob in stock.

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  1. Do you have any safes in the store?

    We have a large variety of safes in the store. We carry small personal safes all the way to very large gun safes. We are a distributor of 3 different brands of safes. Ask our salesman about the discount if you pay cash.


  2. Do you have anyone that can work on safes?

    We have a certifed safe techinician on staff. He can come out to your home or business or you can bring the safe to the store to be worked on.


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